domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Modelo vivo - primera clase

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  1. Well, well, well, Little Oro Is finally "growing up" I'm so glad to see you having so much fun and really learning something in the process!

    I love these, and I agree the final one came out great, I also like the second ones from the top.

    please let me know how drawing from life has helped you with your artwork? what certain things specifically help you from these sort of classes?, what sort of approach do you take and how is it different from drawing people in public? also what is your creative thought process in your approach in class?

    I know those are a lot of questions but I would really like to hear your thoughts, I know your really having fun and this is important to you so I'm intrigued.


  2. Thanks Oscar! I'm really glad you like them.
    Okay... the questions.

    I've only taken one class, but I'm sure it helps me understand human body more. I decided to take them because I starting to feel limited with my drawing. Besides, since I love character design, I need to know anatomy better in order to caricaturize it.

    In general, drawing from life has meant a huge change in my drawings. It's become easier to translate my ideas into paper, and that means the world to me ;_; A year ago I couldn't, I was so stuck in drawing formulas my drawings looked similar to each other.

    By "drawing people in public" you mean drawing people from/in the street or that the model knows I'm drawing them? Either way, so far I can say that I push myself a lot in both of them, but in different ways. When I draw people from the street, I'm focused on making a fast and effective drawing. Details might or might not come later. But in the live model class I have some extra time. I try to nail down the pose real fast too, but when I'm done I proceed to polish it. After all, I came to learn anatomy; just a quick sketch won't do it. A lot of thinking comes in the way.
    A thought process? Ahaha, I don't know! It's hard. I always struggle to think about the verb/action/story first. I have a tendency to get distracted with the details, but I force myself not to. When I know what I'm gonna draw, then I make a quick sketch. I guess that's it? I don't always succeed, sadly.

    (geez, longest answer ever. Thanks for taking an interest, though!)

  3. me encanto la ultima figura, que bueno que por fin hayas empezado, te va a venir re bien, ..

    ... por otro lado voya hablar con malvina por lo de faber por que yo habia quedado en la alista de espera cuando mande el primer mail por los dos y despues me llego un mail cuando se habrio este curso, pense que ta habia llegado a vos tambien ya que en mi mail habia puesto todos tus datos, espero que te dejen, arranca el 21 de agosto asi que mañana a primera hora habria que llama la eah, .

    pd: seguis creciendo a pasos agigantados nena no te para nadies =)

  4. Me encantan.
    Espero le sigas dando durisimo a estas clases de modelo vivo.

  5. mucho talento! excelente!
    pegate una vuelta...

    Cara de culpa

  6. Muchas gracias, pipol! (:

  7. Looks great! Yeah, drawing from life will really help you to improve. In my opinion, the most important part is the observing. The tricky part is learning how to really look closely at what your drawing, instead of glancing to see what it is and drawing it the way you think it should look based off that initial look. Does that make sense? This was something I really had to practice at first, since I was so used to drawing from my head.

    Keep up the great work, though- your work looks great :)

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