domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Stress Relievers

Background I'm working at. I'm thinking I might keep the sketch lines, I don't know yet :D

Trying the new brush tip for my marker:

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  1. Hey Constanza! Thanks for the kind words on my blog today! You are a talented artist yourself...I love the direction your current background environment is going! and great sketches below! hope all is well


  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAWSOM el de amor lesbico, me encanta la forma en q esta dibujado, muy sincero. Y el color del panda tambien bitiful!!!

  3. Muito bacana teu trabalho, Constanza, parabéns!
    Estou te seguindo, ok?
    Felicidades e muito sucesso.

    Abraço cordial e prazer conhecê-la.

  4. Ty: no problem, absolutely deserved.
    Agus: Juaaa, gracias! PERO ES UN OSO POLAR XD

    Obrigado, Emerson :D