viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Graphite stains

Just meeeesssing around with photoshop x) The wall texture was from here.

And now some sketches and studies from photos. I'm trying the new blogger editor, so sorry if the pictures' position look weird ._.
A couple of drawings based on Alfred Georg's pictures. His models' poses are full of life!

Facu, mi roomie:

Trying some lion designs...

 Studying the tigon and the liger. They're lovely! Pictures taken from wikipedia.

Lucas, being a pain in the ass!

Random tiger made upon graphite-enthusiasm!

Wolf in big size. Not perfect, but I love how it came out <3

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  1. I really like this! :) I've been missing in action, but I'm back now! :) Check out my new updates! Happy Spring!

  2. These all look great!

    Thanks for the follow. :]

  3. me encanta el lobo , te zarpas conss , sos una genia

  4. Vous avez un très bon blog avec beaucoup de bon travail.

  5. muy muy bueno
    todo el dominio de fdigura y esos mini estudios de caritas estan muy sarpados.

    una linea super personal . se felicita totalmente

  6. Hola Constanza. Que gran dibujante sos. Desde ahora soy tu fan. Y gracias por pasar por mi blog.


  7. Sos muy grosa Cons!! Muy!!
    Para mi vas a llegar re lejos!